This dataset codebook pertains to the PHASE Wave 1 and Wave 2 surveys.

PHASE is a representative longitudinal survey of community-dwelling older adults (≥ 60 years) in Singapore. In addition to demographic variables (age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, education, living arrangement, housing type, etc.), it also captured information on a range of physical, mental and social health variables of older adults. These include depression, cognition, smoking and drinking habits, physical performance, activities of daily living, self-rated health, health conditions and health care utilization. Further, anthropometric measurements were carried out to obtain the participant’s height, weight, blood pressure and handgrip strength.

Researchers can request the variables in PHASE Wave 1 and Wave 2 for academic and policy use.



Step 1: Download Dataset Codebook and Data Request Form

Step 2: Submit the completed data request form to CARE Data Request (email:

Step 3: Upon request approval, you will receive an email confirmation from CARE Data Request

Step 4: Collect dataset from CARE personally (We cannot send over the dataset via email)