At the Centre for Ageing Research & Education (CARE), we adopt a multidisciplinary perspective in our research on the determinants of longevity and healthy longevity. Our research, strongly focused on social determinants of health, helps identify demographic, social, psychological, physical, and economic factors that impact morbidity, mortality, and other transitions at older ages. CARE collects population-level data through both cross-sectional and longitudinal community-based surveys, several of which are nationally representative. These data allow us to assess the prevalence, correlates, mediators, and moderators of various health and wellbeing outcomes, and inform policy and practice. Our research addresses eight core themes: Population Health, Family Caregiving, Community-Based Health and Social Care Services, Productive Ageing, Falls, Ageing and the Environment, Health Communication, and Social and Psychological Aspects of Ageing.

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Description: “Ageing-In-Place” Programme Evaluation Study (2016)
Description: “Transitional Care” Programme Evaluation Study (2016)
Description: A longitudinal study of factors that influence use of long-term care services in Singapore (2016)
Description: A Study to Establish an Integrated Geriatric Care Model Within THMCK's Services
Description: Ageing well in Asia Pacific: A study of centenarians in Singapore and Sydney