Accuracy, Clarity and Eloquence in Grants (ACE-in-Grants) provides intensive guidance for budding clinician-scientists working towards NMRC grant submission. Through the provision of critiques, suggestions and corrections by the Anchor Mentor and workshop panel mentors, the quality of the grant applications is significantly enhanced. Intensive coaching is also provided by Anchor Mentor for post-grant submission work, including preparations for rebuttals (for CSA) and interview presentations (for TA) as well as re-work on proposals for resubmission, if needed.

Clinician-scientists receive mentoring in developing their study proposals:

  • Refine study aims and improve the accuracy and clarity in description of aims and hypotheses and the writing of the Specific aims pages
  • Refine choices of study design when needed
  • Improve coherence and the flow of contents in grant proposals, to facilitate reading and eloquently impress assessors

The Programme consists of 3 components (i) Research Idea Development (ii) Specific Aims (iii) Panel Discussion & Critique, which will take place about 5 months before every NMRC grant cycle. 

 ACE-in-Grant Jun 2021

Target Participants & Eligibility
Clinician scientists who have good track records of research working on the following NMRC grant funding:

  • Transition Award (TA)
  • Clinician Scientist Award (CSA) - Investigator level
  • HPHSR Clinician Scientist Award (HCSA) - Investigator level
  • Clinician-Scientist Individual Research Grant (CS-IRG) / Health Services Research Grant (HSRG)

Participants should meet the following requirements:

  • Primarily employed as a staff of SingHealth/Duke-NUS institutions
  • Clinically qualified (i.e. with MD/MBBS/BDS) and preferably have completed formal research training (MCI/MPH/PhD)
  • Must have first or last authored paper in the recent 3 years
  • Must fulfil all the eligibility criteria required by NMRC for whichever grant applicable

NOTE for interested participants (applicable for both ACE & PREFACE):

  • Please contact CCSD at least 4 to 6 months prior to the grant internal submission date by providing  (i) your project title, preferably append with a short abstract, (ii) latest CV and (iii) intended grant applying, (iv) mentor’s name & institution. 
  • Ensure that you fulfil all the NMRC grant criteria (in case you are unsure, please email your CV directly to the relevant NMRC officer to clarify.)