Accuracy, Clarity and Eloquence in Grants (ACE-in-Grants) provides guidance for clinician-researchers from SingHealth working towards NMRC research career grants submission, ultimately contributing to the further advancement of their academic careers. The ACE-in-Grants program consists of one or more of the following:

  • A meeting between the program mentee and an appointed CCS+D Expert Faculty Advisor/Consultant to discuss the preliminary research questions, project title, scope, study aims, hypotheses and design
  • Regular one-to-one discussion sessions (online or in-person) with the appointed Faculty Advisor/Consultant to work on multiple writing refinements of the grant proposals’ research hypotheses, specific aims and study design
  • Depending on the needs and readiness of the program participants as recommended by the appointed Faculty Advisor/Consultant, individual consultations with a panel of senior researchers or experts in Duke-NUS and Singhealth may be set up
  • Advisory on post-grant submission work where applicable, including preparations for rebuttals and interview presentations as well as re-work on proposals for resubmission.


Below chart illustrates the possible program timeline and components (not all may apply) based on NMRC grant call months – July and January:

ACE-in-Grant combined program overview_ updated Jun 2022

Target Participants & Eligibility

Clinician-researchers and Clinician-innovators who have good track records of research working on the following NMRC grant funding:

  • Transition Award (TA)
  • Clinician Scientist Award – Investigator (CSA-Inv)
  • HPHSR Clinician Scientist Award - Investigator (HCSA-Inv)
  • Clinician Innovator Award (CIA)
  • New Investigator Grants (CS-IRG-NIG and PHRG-NIG)
  • Research Training Fellowship (RTF)

Participants should meet the following requirements:

  • Primarily employed as a staff of SingHealth/Duke-NUS institutions
  • Clinically qualified (i.e. with MD/MBBS/BDS) and preferably have completed formal research training (MCI/MPH/PhD)
  • Must have first or last authored paper in the recent 3 years
  • Must fulfil all the eligibility criteria required by NMRC for whichever grant applicable

Interested grant applicants should come onboard the program at least 4 months before the start of the targeted grant call cycle (January/July). Due to limited capacity, acceptance into the program will be on a case-by-case basis depending upon suitability and fit. Once the maximum capacity has reached, new requests to join the program cannot be accepted.

Please contact CCS+D team for more information on how to participate and any other queries.