Khoo Pilot Awards

The Khoo Pilot Award (KPA) provides pilot award funding for clinical and translational research projects. It aims to obtain pilot data for research grants before submission to a variety of funding agencies. It is open to Duke-NUS academic appointment-holders (adjunct or regular rank) to facilitate their research career development and is focused on but not limited to, supporting the early career development of Clinician Scientists or Clinician Investigators. Essentially, the Khoo Pilot Award aims to strengthen peer-reviewed grant applications and to create a learning environment to promote the early career development of clinical and translational researchers by funding the generation of pilot data. This pilot data can then be used in an NMRC, MOH or other peer reviewed grant applications.


Applicants must be a current or former Khoo Scholar in the Khoo Scholars Programme and hold a Duke-NUS academic appointment at time of funding. Applicants who have held a Khoo Award (e.g. a previous Khoo Mentored Research Award) must have completed the project funded by the Khoo Award before applying for the Khoo Pilot Award. Awardees will not be allowed to apply for the same award again.   

Funding Quantum:

Up to S$30,000 per award can be funded for up to a maximum period of 12 months.

Expenditure on Manpower

Justification for the FTE provided for each staff and/or key person must be provided. Expenditure on Manpower is capped at $15,000. Salary support for investigators is not permitted.


Other operating expenditure

All expenses entailed in conducting and executing the proposed project may be included. This category covers other expenses directly related to the project such as the purchase of animals, consumables, laboratory manuals, literature search, and maintenance of equipment, equipment usage charges, sample storage/retrieval cost etc. Travel expenses to conferences are not allowed.



Purchase of equipment is not supported.


Submission and Review Process:

Interested investigators should submit the title and 300 words abstract of the project as well as their CV to Angie Tan - Email: Suitable projects will be scheduled to present at a CCSD Research Development Seminar.  Investigators will either be invited to submit the Khoo Pilot Award application form after the presentation or asked to present again. 

All applications will be reviewed by at least one reviewer. Based on the review(s), the proposal will be approved, invited for resubmission, or rejected.