CVMD (Duke-NUS) - CVRC (Duke)-DMPT (Duke) Joint Seminar Series Virtual - 14 Sep 2022

About the speaker:

Paul is a physician-scientist and cardiologist in the Department of Medicine at Duke University. He graduated from Rutgers Medical School and completed post-doctoral fellowships at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and at the University of Texas-Southwestern. Since joining the faculty at Duke twenty years ago, his lab has discovered novel roles for store operated Ca2+ channels and transient receptor potential channels in excitable cells. Paul is a member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation.

Date:     14 September, Wednesday 2022
Time:     9:00 PM SG time


Passcode:  825327

All are welcome.

CVD Seminar FLyer - Paul Rosenberg September 14

Date and Time

14 Sep 2022 @ 21:00 - 14 Sep 2022 @ 22:00