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Strategic Goals

CoRE focuses on three key approaches to fulfil its vision. One area focuses on education and capacity building, the second area convenes think tank activities to promote policy innovation and thought leadership in new and challenging issues in regulatory science, and the third area is centered on leveraging the Centre’s expertise and networks to provide strategic and technical advice to support stakeholders. 

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CoRE engages stakeholders through a variety of means in order to meet its themes of enabling, convergence, and thought leadership.

Think Tank 

Promoting Thought Leadership

As a centre of expertise and thought leadership, CoRE convenes a range of meetings – conferences, symposiums, seminars, roundtables, forums and expert focus groups – to drive knowledge-exchange of the latest regulatory, health, and scientific developments and advance innovation in regulatory science and policy.


Strengthening Regulatory and Health Policy Capability

CoRE draws expertise from a pool of experts within the industry, regulatory and health agencies to develop and deliver education and training programmes, employing the renowned Duke-NUS Team-Based Learning methodology to hone critical skills for real-world application. Our training activities are optimised to enhance regulatory and health policy excellence and contribute to building the next generation of leaders in regional regulatory and health systems.


Supporting Regulatory and Health Policy Innovation

Leveraging CoRE’s expertise and its networks, we seek to support our stakeholders in driving scientific and regulatory excellence, policy innovation and leadership. Our advisory activities offer exciting opportunities to connect with regional and global partners to promote innovation in regulatory and health policy and strengthen systems.


The Centre has identified five strategic areas of focus: patient engagement, digital health, innovative therapies, clinical trials, and vaccines.

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