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Online learning gives individuals the ability to learn with flexibility and convenience while delivering world-class expertise. Each of CoRE’s online learning courses have been designed for optimal learning via a digital medium, and incorporates self-assessment for individuals to assess their own progress. Online learning is supported by Duke-NUS learning infrastructure, and brings insights about key topics to learners at their convenience.

VAPs are recorded power point presentations that have been converted into small portable files providing easy online streaming. Each slide of the VAP is voice annotated and each VAP contains an indexed playlist that allows the listener to return to or skip to any slide within the presentation. These small files can be quickly streamed on devices such as iPads, smartphones, laptops etc. The VAPs are integrated into learning modules containing assessment tests to ensure active learning.


CoRE’s education courses and programmes can be found and registered at the Duke-NUS Course Catalogue.

The Duke-NUS Course Catalogue is an online catalogue of courses offered by the School and its associated centres. Courses are grouped into 4 categories; free courses, paid courses, accredited courses and speciality courses. The catalogue is a means that Duke-NUS uses to extend its vast educational resources to a greater audience such as physicians, nurses, allied health specialists, researchers and other healthcare professionals all around the world.

For more information on the Duke-NUS Course Catalogue, please contact