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Education Journey


Our education journey began in early 2014, a few months before the formal inception of CoRE, in the form of a proof-of-concept training workshop for Multi Regional Clinical Trials (MRCT) conducted by Duke-NUS and HSA for the APEC Life Sciences Innovation Forum (LSIF) Regulatory Harmonisation Steering Committee (RHSC). The success of this initial workshop led to the establishment of a Centre of Excellence (CoE) framework for key priority work areas under the APEC LSIF RHSC to strengthen capability and promote regulatory convergence among APEC economies. Beyond the RHSC CoE platform, CoRE built on this successful pilot training model that adapted Duke-NUS’s medical student Team-Based Learning approach for adult professional education and integrated the workshops conducted by the Centre into our wider educational programmes over the next five years.  This culminated in the launch of our flagship Graduate Certificate Programme in Pharmaceutical Regulation in mid-2018.