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Regulatory Excellence Fund



At CoRE, we promote the advancement of excellence in regulatory science and practices to safeguard the health and wellbeing of patients and populations.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this mission is even more critical now. The need to ensure robust regulatory frameworks for innovative health products encompassing diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines, is crucial to keep up with the fast pace of biomedical research and development.

With the support of the initiatives of the Centre since 2014, the Asia-Pacific region has made great strides in enhancing health and regulatory systems to meet the needs of its people. , However, much work remains to be done as the region collectively faces new public health challenges. For this purpose, CoRE has launched the Regulatory Excellence Fund.

Contributions to the Regulatory Excellence Fund will play an important role in enabling the Centre to sustainably address region-wide issues, explore new opportunities for innovation and impactful change, and promote long-lasting cooperative solutions.

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Regulatory Excellence Fund Brochure


Contributions will facilitate meaningful regulatory behavioural changes, by allowing CoRE to convene thought leaders and innovators to generate roadmaps and champion ideas that advance regulatory practice including in new emerging topics. Contributions to this fund will also continue to elevate the region’s regulatory capabilities by enabling the Centre to constantly enhance education programmes, as well as address new needs and imbue future readiness among the region’s regulatory and healthcare professionals, academics and researchers. 

Inspired by Professor Sir Alasdair Breckenridge’s immense contributions to foster regulatory excellence in South-East Asia and Asia-Pacific through CoRE, the Regulatory Excellence Fund will honour his legacy by advancing CoRE’s vision and mission through unrestricted donations that promote and resource the Centre’s think-tank and capacity building initiatives. These funds will be an investment in CoRE’s work and strengthen its programmes by sustaining the Centre and its dedicated team of thought leaders, educators, researchers and administrators. 

This Fund complements the Centre’s other fee-based income streams,  and will empower CoRE to help address unforeseen public health emergencies and promote the safety and well-being of populations across South East Asia and Asia Pacific. 

If you would like to be part of these endeavours where performance and purpose impacts patients, populations and broader health systems, please consider donating to this Fund.