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Team-based learning

CoRE workshops are run based on the TeamLEAD framework developed by Duke-NUS in Singapore.

TeamLEAD is a progressive learning pedagogy where LEAD stands for Learn, Engage, Apply and Develop. Designed to empower learning in an unprecedented manner, TeamLEAD gives students the opportunity to learn through reading and supplemental materials before attending class, in order to make class sessions more productive through practical problem-solving and small group discussion. This is the hallmark learning methods of Duke-NUS and as since been adopted by Duke University in the US, in both the medical school and other faculties. TeamLEAD encourages students to develop critical thinking skills through problem-solving and promotes constant engagement, feedback and dialogue between the student, peers and faculty. Educational technology is integrated into the learning process to create more meaningful learning and better retention of concepts. Watch the video to learn more about TeamLEAD at Duke-NUS.