Tippi Mak

Dr Tippi Mak


Board Member
Vaccine & Infectious Disease Organization - International Vaccine Centre
University of Saskatchewan

Dr Tippi Mak is a physician with 20+ years multi-sectoral experience. Areas span family medicine, vaccinology, communicable diseases epidemiology, public health, communicable and non-communicable disease programme implementation and evaluation, vaccines and drug regulation, scientific reviews. Last 10 years in national and global health policy, media communications, and corporate public health policy and engagement. Successfully led major health projects and teams in low-and high-income countries and at national, regional, and global levels (North America, Europe, Asia). Served as regular adviser to WHO and governments for 9 years. Moved to Singapore Feb 2014 to serve as Regional Director of dengue vaccine public policy for Sanofi Pasteur for Asia Pacific, and then as Senior Deputy Director for Regional Health and Community Outreach, Health Promotion Board until April 2018. Currently working as a consultant.