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The Education team supports the mission of the LCPC by building manpower capabilities through improving access to palliative care training and innovative ways to address existing gaps in palliative care education in Singapore.


 Our work includes:
• Developing innovative education activities and projects with partners;
• Organizing a variety of lectures, courses, workshops and seminars for all healthcare professionals in Singapore and the region;
• Spearheading the palliative care curriculum for Duke –NUS medical students.
• Providing coordination support for medical, nursing, allied health , medical/nursing student clinical attachments to the Division of Palliative Medicine, NCCS.
Starting in 2015, the Centre is introducing blended learning programs where some modules are taught online and others are taught during interactive, face-to-face sessions. Blended learning is designed to be efficient, effective and engaging. The web-based components offer increased flexibility, improved access, and enable every learner to achieve his or her own potential at their own pace and convenience. 
LCPC currently offers the following courses:  
1. Ngee Ann Specialist Diploma in Palliative Care Nursing
This is the first part time diploma in Palliative Care Nursing in Singapore, and results from a tripartite collaboration between Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Dover Park Hospice, and the National Cancer Centre. 
2. SHC Post Graduate Course in Palliative Care
This is a foundational course in the principles and practice of palliative medicine. The objective is to give doctors the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and to increase professional confidence and competence in the management of patients with palliative needs. 
3. Initiation to Palliative Care for Nurses
This is LCPC’s first blended learning course. It is a comprehensive, beginner level course providing foundational knowledge in palliative care, designed specifically for nurses. Online presentations are in the form of educational videos that include lectures, demonstrations and case studies. There is also a pre-test and post-test per topic.
4. Palliative Care Course for Social Workers
This is a basic certificate course in the foundational principles and practice of palliative care designed especially for social workers from all settings. The objective of this course is to build professional competence and confidence in social workers to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in journeying with the terminally ill clients and their families.
5. Palliative Care Basics for Pharmacists – expected launch in 2016
We hope that you will enjoy our courses and find them beneficial for your on-going professional development. We welcome your feedback at lcpc [at]