10- and 15-item versions of the Singapore Caregiver Quality of Life Scale (SCQOLS-10 and SCQOLS-15)

The Singapore Caregiver Quality of Life Scale (SCQOLS) is a questionnaire that measures five domains of quality of life of family caregivers of patients. It was developed through qualitative research with family caregivers in Singapore and quantitative evaluation for validity and reliability in over 600 family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer in Singapore. Two short versions of the SCQOLS have also been developed and validated (SCQOLS-10 and SCQOLS-15). They have an English, a Chinese and a Malay version. The questionnaires are distributed free of charge upon receipt of a request form.

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*The Malay version of SCQOLS-15 was translated from the English SCQOLS-15 and verified by back-translation. The Malay version has not been validated empirically.