Graduate Certificate in Health Products Regulation

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

We offer a unique experience to our graduate certificate participants, including the opportunity to work with leading experts and internationally recognised faculty. 
This webpage is designed for those applying for the Graduate Certificate in Health Products Regulation.
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Strategic Way to Develop Your Career

Through this Graduate Certificate Programme, we aim to equip working professionals like yourself with updated scientific and regulatory knowledge and critical skills through application-based learning. The skillsets gained through this programme will help you assume diverse roles requiring regulatory science expertise within the public and private sectors.

An enhanced understanding of regulatory issues will better prepare you to facilitate innovation and pharmaceuticals development as well as provide a deeper appreciation of the basis of regulatory requirements, contributing to timely research and marketing authorisation decisions to support the healthcare systems.


Broaden Your Worldview  

Guided by the Duke-NUS and CoRE education philosophy, the programme aims not only to impart knowledge and understanding but also to facilitate significant networking amongst regulators, industry and other stakeholders. You will have the opportunity to meet international and regional experts with different backgrounds and these interactions will expand your worldview by providing global and regional insights and enhancing your understanding of different perspectives.

The curriculum will promote interdisciplinary inquiry and cover different skill sets and technical areas. Graduates will be more adept at effectively working and communicating within a team with an international outlook, given the diverse and international backgrounds of our course participants.




Developing Adept Professionals

The programme is targeted at early and mid-career regulatory professionals from the public and private sectors who wish to enhance their regulatory competencies. It is also suitable for professionals from the healthcare sector, including biomedical researchers, product developers and policymakers who are interested in gaining insights on the impact and contributions of regulatory science to the wider healthcare environment.

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The Graduate Certificate curriculum is designed to expand your core skills and expose you to new competencies in pharmaceutical and medical device regulation. We are committed to providing a holistic robust curriculum which is structured to: