2022 CoRE Scientific Conference - Patients as Partners for Health: Co-creating Equitable Access to Health Products and Services

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The Coalition to Accelerate Patient Engagement in Asia-Pacific (CAPE) is the first patient engagement platform rooted in Asia and works across disease areas, engaging all relevant health stakeholders including patient organisations, healthcare providers, national regulatory agencies, health ministries and industry. 

This conference will discuss trends, global practices, and address key challenges in areas of patient engagement for health products access equity and sustainable health systems. Be part of a comprehensive open dialogue on patient’s centricity in healthcare systems and listen to practical ideas and insights from patient advocates, health products regulators, healthcare professionals, academics and researchers, industry representatives, and policymakers.

2 day 30+ speakers 70% Director and above

Conference Statement

Date and Time

05 Oct 2022 @ 09:00 - 06 Oct 2022 @ 16:30


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