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Administrative Achievement Awards

Introduced in 2018, the Administrative Achievement Awards (AAA) accord recognition to full-time staff who undertake a significant amount of administrative work responsibilities, and have made an impact though exemplary performance and outstanding service.

Administrative Achievement Awards 2020

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Criteria Assessment

Exemplary Performance

  • Consistently performs and delivers work that exceeds expectations 
  • Makes significant contributions at work that produce effective results
  • Applies innovation and creativity to improve work processes and operational efficiencies
  • Demonstrates confidence and courage in carrying out work decisions that leads to impactful outcomes

Outstanding Service

  • Consistently works professionally, respectfully and effectively with others 
  • Shows commitment and passion for helping colleagues succeed
  • Significantly improves service to stakeholders that results in increased satisfaction
  • Acts with integrity by fostering trust, collaboration and cooperation among colleagues and members of the community


Congratulations to our AAA 2020 Winners and Merit Recipients!

AAA 2020 Winners and Merit Recipients
(Photo on left: Mohammad Faris and June Lee with Dean Coffman | Photo on right: Carolina Tan, Htike Lin Win Maung and Megahwani Catherine with Dean Coffman)


AAA 2020 Winners

Faris with Dean

Mohammad Faris Bin Mohd Ibrahim
HSSR Programme
Office of Research

Faris developed an Automatic Line Item Tracking system in Excel to track budget utilisation of the grants more accurately and efficiently. He also provided thoughtful suggestions to the PIs on how they can maximise the fund utilisation of their grants, resulting in impactful outcomes. His efforts in helping to revamp HSSR’s website resulted in a stronger brand profiling, leading to more applications from potential PhD candidates.

Faris always comes across as warm, friendly yet professional in his dealings with fellow colleagues. Beyond that, he is dependable and collaborative, someone we can count on whenever we need his assistance, be it contributing to social media content or helping us with any information we need – [Testimony]

What does it mean to be an administrative staff? Being an administrative staff is not something trivial. To me, it plays a pivotal role to ensure that business functions run smoothly and efficiently to keep things moving forward in the department.

“I am truly thankful for this recognition. This award is a testament to the invaluable contributions that our administrators bring to the organisation.”

Htike with Dean

Htike Lin Win Maung
Senior Executive
Information Technology
Office of Corporate Services

An integral member of the end-user helpdesk team supporting staff/faculty in all end-user IT matters, Htike consistently demonstrates good service attitude and delivers quality service. From rushing to ensure staff’s computers are adequately set up to work from home before Circuit Breaker, to providing remote support to endless queries encountered by end users, he is committed to help fellow colleagues succeed.

Htike always provided me with exemplary service, timely, patient and is an expert. He never fails to provide top notch support and advice. He has been a great help during the COVID challenges and has the patience of a saint!  - [Testimony]

What does it mean to be an administrative staff? I try my very best to be on call 24/7 in my line of work knowing that all requests big or small are priority as no one likes to have technical work disruptions. Most importantly, to offer the best customer service and be patient even when things are not smooth.

“As a foreign staff, I feel immensely grateful for this recognition and I will continue to provide the best IT services to our students, faculty and staff.”


AAA 2020 Merit Recipients

June Lee

Lee Pei Jia June
Assistant Manager

Quality Assurance & Accreditation
Office of Education

Catherine Megahwani

Megahwani (Swan Swan) Catherine
Planning & Business Management
Office of Education

Carolina Tan

Carolina Tan
Senior Executive, 

Human Resources
Office of Corporate Services

June’s strong work ethic and commitment to excellence is equally matched by great class, dignity, and collegiality making her a joy to work with.  She played a vital role in the 2019 SingHealth/Duke-NUS Education Conference, liaising with the overseas plenary speaker and managing logistics. She coordinated efficiently with local speakers for symposiums and workshops and provided secretariat support during the pre-and actual conferences. Her energy and positivity contributed to the resounding success of the event.

What does it mean to be an administrative staff? If Duke-NUS is a tree, the administrative staff are the roots – the foundation level of the organisation that makes things happen. Our Education administrators have been quietly running the show backstage to ensure the curriculum continues around the COVID-19 restrictions. It has been a challenging period and I applaud my colleagues for their dedication. 

“I am greatly encouraged by this achievement and recognition. I’m thankful for my team and pledge to perform even better in my role.”

Catherine’s scope for the graduate programme ensures all aspects over the students’ tenure are well taken care of. From organising and overseeing everything from enrolment, orientation, class work to exams and final thesis submission, she works well independently and provided new work flows and approaches when needed. Always proactive and she will ensure all tasks are fulfilled timely and with quality.

What does it mean to be an administrative staff? We have to be all rounded and know how Duke-NUS operates and find the right people to contact.

“I am extremely gratified for this award. My deepest appreciation to my bosses for their constant support and trust in me.”

Carolina is an enthusiastic and extremely reliable staff who will execute areas of work responsibilities from end to end with accuracy, completeness and quality. She is able to provide important insights and diligently managed the hiring of critical senior roles even in niche areas. A highly confident staff, she advocates service excellence in providing solid advisory to business units on various staff matters.

What does it mean to be an administrative staff? All administrative staff play a vital role in contributing to Duke-NUS’ mission and vision.  As a HR Partner, I ensure that all hiring needs are met in compliance with regulations and policies.  Our role in continuously attracting, retaining the right talents by fostering staff affirmation, sense of involvement, belonging and commitment to the School, contributes to People Excellence and cultivating a more positive work culture within Duke-NUS.  

“I am humbled by this recognition and grateful to be supported by a dedicated team. The team work, camaraderie and resilient spirit keeps me going each day!”