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Duke-NUS - Administrative Achievement Awards

Introduced in 2018, the Administrative Achievement Awards (AAA) accord recognition to full-time staff who undertake a significant amount of administrative work responsibilities, and have made an impact though exemplary performance and outstanding service.

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Criteria Assessment

Exemplary Performance

  • Consistently performs and delivers work that exceeds expectations 
  • Makes significant contributions at work that produce effective results
  • Applies innovation and creativity to improve work processes and operational efficiencies
  • Demonstrates confidence and courage in carrying out work decisions that leads to impactful outcomes

Outstanding Service

  • Consistently works professionally, respectfully and effectively with others 
  • Shows commitment and passion for helping colleagues succeed
  • Significantly improves service to stakeholders that results in increased satisfaction
  • Acts with integrity by fostering trust, collaboration and cooperation among colleagues and members of the community


Congratulations to our AAA 2022 Winner and Merit Recipient!

AAA Winner & Merit
From L to R: Loh Jian Yun, Dean Thomas Coffman and Teh Hsin Yee


AAA 2022 Winner

Willy Dharman

Teh Hsin Yee
Senior Manager
Information Technology
Office of Corporate Services

Hsin Yee has consistently demonstrated strong passion and commitment while carrying out her work, and has delivered outstanding results with the projects that are under her care. Her strong planning, interpersonal and problem-solving skills have been crucial in helping her engage multiple stakeholders in addressing their requirements and resolving issues encountered. Despite the disruptions posed by Covid-19, she delivered a suite of solutions for student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and student analytics.

As the lead of the IT Project Delivery team, she provides strong leadership and guidance to her team members. Hsin Yee is also service oriented, resourceful, and ever willing to provide help and support to fellow colleagues, even in areas that are not directly under her care.  She brings positive energy to the team, and is able to influence and rally the people around her to get work done in quick time.


AAA 2022 Merit Recipient

Loh Jian Yun

Loh Jian Yun
Senior Executive
Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Office of Research

Due to the pandemic, there has been a substantial increase in funding and collaborations (research agreements) coming through the EID Business Office. Jian Yun’s performance has been exemplary in handling the increase as the EID Business Manager. When Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat visited Duke-NUS in May 2022, she worked seamlessly with Communications & Strategic Relations Department and Dean’s Office to produce a very successful tour of Level 9. Jian Yun also managed to keep staff morale high during this busy period and is well-respected across the programme.

Due to Jian Yun’s calm leadership of her team and her proactiveness in going through previous records and consulting other business managers, the process of recruiting tenure-track faculty to the EID Programme has been able to progress from zoom interviews to in-person interviews.