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Centre for Vision Research

The CVR is a cross-institutional centre established by Duke-NUS in partnership with the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Singapore National Eye Centre. The centre will bridge the outstanding laboratory research at DUKE-NUS with the world-class clinical and genetics research at SERI/SNEC. The centre will focus on better understanding the underlying causes of blinding diseases and from this develop new treatment approaches for maintaining and restoring vision.

The key goals of CVR are:

  1. Integrate research at Duke-NUS, SingHealth (via SNEC/SERI/ EYE ACP), and Duke-Durham and optimise interactions with existing Signature Research Programmes (SRPs), especially in the areas of complementary research with the Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders (NBD) Programme and the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders (CVMD) Programme. 

  2. Address gaps in critical areas of fundamental visual sciences research in Singapore by strengthening and developing interactive and collaborative research programmes in ophthalmology and vision disorders, which are part of the major national strategic focus area.

  3. Build a talent pool of high-calibre basic scientists in the area of visual sciences and vision disorders who are integral in the cultivation of a robust and dynamic academic medicine environment. Such an environment would propagate a virtuous cycle that attracts leading clinicians, researchers, the best teaching faculty and the brightest students.

  4. Develop comprehensive research training programmes for medical students from Duke-NUS, as well as post-doctoral fellows, clinical research fellows, clinical fellows and scientists. These training programmes will also be designed to support international fellows, especially those from Asia.

  5. Leverage intrinsic resources with the EYE ACP ophthalmology programme at SNEC /SERI:
    1. Research on Asian-centric diseases
    2. Leadership in regional research networks
    3. Supportive climate of academic and industry collaborations
    4. Access to governmental/ academic /competitive funding

  6. Pursue robustly the underlying mission of developing and/or enhancing technologies, discovery, diagnostics or therapy that will improve the ocular health of patients, not only in Singapore but the region and beyond.

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