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Duke-NUS MD Programme - admissions requirements and how to apply

MD Programme

The Duke-NUS Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme is built around a pioneering 'Clinicians First, Clinicians Plus' vision. It stems from our belief that graduates should be competent clinicians first, and beyond that, build on their other capabilities to become clinician scientists, innovators, educators and leaders to value-add to the Singapore healthcare system. 

Duke-NUS welcomes students from diverse pathways and academic disciplines, who bring different expertise and perspectives to the medical profession. At Duke-NUS, we believe such diversity in our students is our strength. It promotes robust brainstorming, encourages critical thinking and helps develop key skills expected of future clinicians. Our graduates are curious, progressive and innovative. They are able to challenge paradigms to achieve the best possible care for our patients and contribute to the improvement of the healthcare sector.

This programme spans 4 years, and graduates are awarded a joint Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree by Duke University and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Applicants to this medical course must have at least a bachelor's degree in any field.