Support Departments

Research Affairs Department (RAD)

RAD provides research administration support to faculty members under the Office of Research.

The key support functions of the Department include the following:

• Faculty Matters
• Research Agreement Matters
• Research Administration Matters
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Research Operations Department 

The Research Operations Department supports the School’s research activities by:

• Ensuring that all the research laboratories are in good operating condition;
• Ensuring that research equipment are well maintained;
• Working with the researchers to purchase necessary equipment; and 
• Ensuring that research Core Facilities are efficiently and optimally operated.
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Sponsored Research Department (SRD)

SRD performs the pre and post-award administration of sponsored projects (funded by public and private funders) at Duke-NUS. The SRD acts as the bridge between the funders and research scientists at Duke-NUS with regard to the coordination of grant applications and administration of awarded grants.

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