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Duke-NUS Masters in International Translational Medicine

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The Duke-NUS Master in International Translational Medicine (MITM) is a unique opportunity to learn from those directly involved in Translational Medicine (TM); engaging with world leading experts through our partnership with the Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine.

Why Choose the Duke-NUS MITM Programme?

Exceptional classmates, like yourself, bring diverse experiences and expertise to interact in an integrated, coordinated curriculum focusing on the translational journey from need to cure. 

MITM is an executive-style programme that aims to elevate your expertise, enhance your network, and accelerate the speed of discovery.


Who is this Programme for?

MITM is an executive-style programme that is relevant to both academic and industry professionals engaged in at least one phase of the TM journey, including researchers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, patient advocates. 

The MITM optimizes three potential career pathways:

  1. Enhancing one’s current translational research capacity
  2. Positioning an academic for a career in industry (or personal entrepreneurial endeavour)
  3. Positioning an industry professional for a career in academics


How will the Programme be delivered?

MITM is designed with the full-time employed learner in mind.  The programme is comprised of engaging, evidence-based educational strategies delivered both on campus and virtually.

The MITM educational programme extends beyond learning content alone, and intentionally fosters and enhances professional competencies required to be successful in TM, including creative thinking skills, leadership, teamwork, communication, and presentation skills.



Master in International Translational Medicine

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