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Research Operations Department (ROD)

The Research Operations Department at Duke-NUS Medical School, is a Department within the Office of Research. It's main role is to support the school’s research activities by providing the following services:

  • Establish and manage operations of research core facilities
  • Manage the installation, commissioning, maintenance and replacement of common research equipment
  • Providing training for use of equipment 
  • Providing the technical support for research
  • Maintaining the research laboratories and support lab areas in good working condition
  • Ensuring that repairs and renovations to the laboratories are completed in a timely manner 

Name: Anant Sumita Ananthakrishnan
Designation: Director and Assistant Dean
Name: Guan Yuguang
Designation: Associate Director
Name: Wang Junle Benjamin
Designation: Assistant Manager
Name: Wang Junxiang
Designation: Senior Executive
Name: Cheo Yi Fen Bernice
Designation:  Senior Executive
Name: Leong Wan Ying 
Designation: Laboratory Techologist