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Duke & Duke-NUS Special Pathway

A Tailor-Made Global Learning Experience

Duke-NUS Medical School offers an excellent opportunity to intellectually curious and driven individuals to pursue a broad and unique overseas learning experience. The Duke and Duke-NUS Special Pathway will enable students to pursue their undergraduate studies in any discipline at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, before returning to Singapore to embark on their medical training.

With a culture of openness and diversity, Duke UniversityOpen in new tab provides a myriad of leadership and growth opportunities. Duke’s undergraduate programmesOpen in new tab, coupled with the rigorous Doctor of Medicine (MD) training Duke-NUS is known for, will train future clinicians who are adept in managing complex problems and global issues in healthcare.

Successful students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree at Duke University, followed by a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Duke-NUS Medical School.

Programme Highlights

The strong focus on undergraduate research at Duke will foster critical and creative thinking. Students in this pathway, like all undergraduates at Duke, may explore their interests through an extensive range of interdisciplinary majors, minors and concentrations, or even a tailored curriculum of their choice. An appointed advisor/mentor will be on hand to guide students to make insightful choices for a fulfilling career in medicine.

Programmes such as the Hart Leadership ProgrammeOpen in new tab and the Service Learning ProgrammeOpen in new tab are examples of undergraduate offerings at Duke that create opportunities for civic and global engagement for students to serve the community and develop leadership skills.

Students can expect to stay engaged with Duke-NUS through periodic meetings with Duke-NUS faculty on campus and invitations to activities designed to provide insights into the medical school experience and a career in medicine. A general overview of the mentorship and enrichment activities is below. 

Mentorship and Enrichment Activities

  • Advising Sessions with assigned mentor from Duke University
  • Duke-NUS Prehealth Experiential Programme 
  • Duke-NUS Medical Specialties Workshops 
  • Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership 
  • Community Projects

Duke & Duke NUS Special Pathway