Adrian Ee

Ee Guan Liang, Adrian
MBBS, MMED (Family Medicine), FCFP (Singapore)

Chair, Family Medicine Academic Clinical Programme

Clinical Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School

Chief Executive Officer, SingHealth Polyclinics

Primary Care in Singapore has progressively evolved  from 1960s, and the growth in capability and capacity was accelerated with the inception of the formal Family Medicine training in 1993 leading to the award of MMED  (Family  Medicine).  As a pioneer graduand from the program, Clinical Assistant Professor Ee Guan Liang has been able to contribute towards serving the primary care needs of the lower socio-economic segment of the local population as organized through the polyclinics. 

Over the years, progressive developments in polyclinics care delivery  models,  with focus and optimizing care processes, and innovating new care delivery  models such as Family Physician Clinics (FPC), Nurse  Clinician  Service  (NCS), electronic Clinical Documentation, service operations enhancements (Self-Serve Kiosks), have led to the modernization of polyclinic services.  Clinical Assistant Professor Ee has been provided the opportunity to lead a polyclinic  from 1993-2001, and thereafter as Director Corporate & Clinical Services, Head Office to effect change and improvements at all SingHealth Polyclinics to date. 

To augment care delivery, is the need to teach future generations of Family Physicians, and Clinical Assistant Professor Ee has contributed towards Family Medicine training for medical undergraduates  (NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Duke-NUS Medical School) and  post-graduate Family Medicine since 1993, through the MMED, GDFM and FCFP programs in various capacities as tutor, supervisor and examiner. Recognition and support for Primary Care research has enabled polyclinics capability to grow from infancy to strength.

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships: 
Fellow, College of Family Physicians (Singapore) (2001-Present)

Selected Publications:

What is true community-acquired urinary tract infection? Comparison of pathogens identified in urine from routine outpatient specimens and from community clinics in a prospective study. Ti TY, Kumarasinghe G, Taylor MB, Tan SL, Ee A, Chua C, Low A. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2003 Apr;22(4):242-5. Epub 2003 Mar 22 2.

Screening for narrow angles in the singapore population: evaluation of new noncontact screening methods. Lavanya R, Foster PJ, Sakata LM, Friedman DS, Kashiwagi K, Wong TY, Aung HT, Alfred T, Gao H, Ee AG, Seah SK, Aung T. Ophthalmology. 2008 Oct;115(10):1720-7, 1727.e1-2. doi: 10.1016/j.ophtha.2008.03.015. Epub 2008 May 16.

The influenza A (H1N1-2009) experience at the inaugural Asian Youth Games Singapore 2009: mass gathering during a developing pandemic. Lim HC, Cutter J, Lim WK, Ee A, Wong YC, Tay BK. Br J Sports Med. 2010 Jun;44(7):528-32. doi: 10.1136/bjsm.2009.069831

Accuracy of diabetic retinopathy screening by trained non-physician graders using non-mydriatic fundus camera. Bhargava M, Cheung CY, Sabanayagam C, Kawasaki R, Harper CA, Lamoureux EL, Chow WL, Ee A, Hamzah H, Ho M, Wong W, Wong TY, Singapore Med J. 2012 Nov;53(11):715-9.

Leadership positions / roles in Education: 

In line with the vision to be leader in Family Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor Ee provides direction and support that leads to SHP undertaking a lead role in Family Medicine residency in Singapore with the largest complement of Family Medicine trainees. This is further strengthened with support for SHP members undertaking leadership roles in FM (training, examinations) committees at MOH.

Clinical Assistant Professor Ee provides support and governance over Training Steering Committee/SHP which has oversight over all training and education efforts at SHP.