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MedTalk Session - Clinician Innovator

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Zoom Event Schedule:

05.00 pm to 05.20pm: The Clinician Innovator by Dr Angela Renayanti Dharmawan
05.20 pm to 05.40pm: Duke-NUS Alumnus Sharing by Dr Wong Ker Yi
05:40 pm to 06.00pm: Q&A session

Considering a career in medicine after your first degree in an unrelated major? Do not let your background stop you. Duke-NUS Medical School trains individuals from diverse backgrounds through MD and PhD programmes. Graduates will be able to bring different perspectives and apply their skills into the practice of medicine. The MD Programme in particular aims to groom future “Clinician Plus”- graduates who can transform the practice of medicine as leaders, innovators, scientists, scholars and educators.

Learn about these opportunities in Medicine at our MedTalk sessions, a series featuring various guest speakers from different backgrounds who are making an impact in their unique ways. Meet Dr Renayanti Dharmawan, who will be speaking on her journey to pursue healthcare technology and innovation experiences. She believes with the right innovation, one can improve the lives of millions at a time. First trained as a bioengineer then as a doctor specialising in cancer and thyroid cancer removal, Dr Renayanti Dharmawan is also the co-founder of a few MedTech companies such as Catalyst, Privi Medical and Jaga-me. Our Alumnus Dr Wong Ker Yi will also be sharing her experiences in gynaecology at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Students and working adults from all backgrounds are welcome.

Date and Time

24 Nov 2022 @ 17:00 - 24 Nov 2022 @ 18:00