Duke-NUS Medical School is committed to establishing and maintaining excellent safety standards in all its activities. We do this by proactively identifying risks and by developing and implementing measures to manage the risks, including building awareness, training and nurturing a safety-oriented culture in all our activities. Towards this goal, the School has established the Department of Safety, Health and Emergency Management (DSHEM) and the Safety Committee that works closely with staff and students, and the University’s Office of Safety, Health and Environment as we continue to strive for new heights of safety excellence.

The School views emergency preparedness and crisis management as an integral part of Safety Management. DSHEM and the Crisis Management Committee have jointly developed and implemented a series of Crisis Management and Emergency Response plans. The School approaches Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management in a multifaceted manner by developing these emergency and recovery plans, conducting exercises and training, incident debriefings, developing warning and notification systems, and maintaining an effective channel of communication at all times.