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Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) - Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) was part of the second wave of ACPs and it was rolled out in April 2012.

The Neuroscience ACP exemplifies the spirit of excellence and values of the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) in putting patients as our priority. Our mission and goals have always been built on the three pillars of strength to improve the lives of our patients through Patient Care, Education and Research. We have always been involved in academic activities and have a high level of interest in research. 

Academic Medicine involves the entire body of NNI. Clinicians, scientists, nurses, allied health professionals, ancillary and administrative staff have a part to play in it. The introduction of the ACP is a major milestone in NNI’s journey of improving patient care and outcomes. With the formation of the Neuroscience ACP, we can now devote more resources to further achieve our mission of driving innovation in Care, Education and Research. The pursuit of our academic mission is primarily to improve patient care and to transform the delivery of care not only in Singapore but in the region. 

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