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Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) - Paediatrics

The Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme (PAEDS ACP) was part of the first wave of ACPs that was rolled out in May 2011.

Academic Medicine opens up broader pathways for one and all to redefine their roles in institutional clinical practice. It allows those with a keen and deep interest in education and/or research to nurture and deepen their commitments, and to be recognised. It also provides young professionals more opportunities to specialise in their areas of interest.

Having an Academic Medicine focus is vital to the progression of paediatric medicine in SingHealth. It enhances the importance of education and research in our daily clinical practice, and ensures they become part and parcel of the way we advance in medical innovation and patient care.

The existing strong clinical structures present in the Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) campuses at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Singapore General Hospital will be a seamless integration of an academic culture.

Mission and Vision
To Lead and Run a Sustainable Paediatric Ecosystem for Singapore through local and international collaborations by innovating and improving clinical care with research and education.

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