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Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) - Pathology

The Pathology Academic Clinical Programme (ACP) was part of the third wave of ACPs that was rolled out in January 2013.

Pathology ACP has its roots in the Pathological Department of the early 20th century when the Municipal Commissioners of Singapore set up a laboratory service in 1903. The Pathological Department, as it was known then, did much to improve public health in Singapore by investigating and detailing sources of infection and pollution. A more accurate picture of the state of health of its people emerged through painstaking autopsy work and documentation of subsequent investigations and results.

Now, over a hundred years later, in the 21st century, the Department has expanded from the solo pathologist practice of the early 1900s to a modern facility providing comprehensive laboratory services to meet our patient needs. The spirit and mission of the Department – the quest for knowledge in disease continues unabated.

Vision Moving Forward
To be an internationally recognised academic pathology programme that delivers the best theranostic care for our patients.

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