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Preparing for Medical School

There are a number of programmes offered at Duke-NUS to help keen individuals make an informed decision on pursuing medicine as a second degree. These include:

The Duke-NUS Pre-Med Course (GMS1000)

Taught using a team-based learning approach, the Duke-NUS Pre-Med Course (GMS1000) covers topics in medical research. Students will be introduced to the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential for further exploration into the different careers in medicine such as, scientists, clinicians or clinician-scientists.

Biomedical Research, An Introduction (BRaIn)
BRaIn is a two-week introductory course to Biomedical Research which provides opportunities for aspiring individuals to gain perspectives into how advances in biomedical research have transformed the practice of medicine.

Prehealth Experiential Programme (PrEP)
A summer programme designed to provide insights into graduate entry medicine, roles of medical professionals and medical practice in Singapore. The weeklong programme welcomes premedical students who are in the midst of preparing for Duke-NUS Medical School.

Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO)
A shadowing opportunity which provides insights into the life of a medical doctor by matching participants with a practising doctor who is a Duke-NUS alumnus. This programme is currently only open to students in the Pre-MD pathways.

MD and PhD application open for 2021 intake