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Financial Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aid Schemes

We understand the challenge of financing a medical education, and strive to help our students tap on available resources to meet financial needs. Depending on financial circumstances, as well as academic performance, students may take on one or a combination of three financing options available - tuition fee loan, bursary, and merit scholarship. About two-thirds of our students are on some form of financial aid. For students enrolling from Academic Year 2017-2018 onwards, financial aid is expected to fall between 26% and 72% of tuition fees payable (exclusive of miscellaneous fees). The amount of financial aid varies depending on the financial circumstances of a student, which may include that of self, immediate family, and/or spouse as applicable.

Tuition Fee Loan

Students with financial need are expected to take up a Tuition Fee Loan. Any financial aid provided by the school is intended to only assist in meeting those needs not met by the Tuition Fee Loan.


Bursaries are awarded based on familial and personal financial need.

Merit Scholarship

There are various types of merit scholarships available, externally and at Duke-NUS. Merit scholarships are generally awarded based on academic achievement and personal attributes such as meaningful involvement in community service or leadership experiences. Several scholarships are valid for 4 years and may be used for tuition, living expenses, or other fees associated with attending Duke-NUS. To be considered for a merit scholarship at Duke-NUS, interested applicants should submit a financial aid application after receiving the invitation to apply for financial aid. Scholarship recipients are selected by the school’s Scholarship Selection Committee. Some examples of merit scholarships are highlighted below.


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