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Joshua J Gooley

Associate Professor

Principal Investigator

Laboratory of Chronobiology & Sleep


Contact: 65167430

As Principal Investigator of the Chronobiology and Sleep Laboratory, my primary research interest is to understand the role of the circadian system and sleep in modulating human health, physiology, and cognitive performance. Disruption of circadian rhythms and sleep is associated with negative health outcomes ranging from metabolic disorders to psychiatric illnesses, and also increases risk of occupational and vehicular accidents. Treatments and diagnostic tests for circadian misalignment, sleepiness, and disordered sleep are therefore important for improving health and reducing injuries. With these goals in mind, my research focuses on 3 themes:

1) light regulation of circadian rhythms and other non-visual light responses;

2) effects of circadian rhythms and sleep deprivation on health outcomes; and

3) methods for monitoring and estimating cognitive responses to sleep deprivation.

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