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Li Shang

Associate Professor


Contact: 66011259

The continued proliferation of human cells depends on the proper maintenance of the genomic information encoded in the 46 linear human chromosomes. The stability of these linear chromosomes depends on telomeres, which are maintained by telomerase.
Up-regulation of telomerase is found in more than 85% of human cancers, while telomerase insufficiency can cause early onset of human aging, highlighting the crucial role of telomerase regulation in both cancer therapy and human aging. On the one hand, we would like to inhibit overexpressed telomerase in tumor cells; on the other hand, we need to maintain the telomerase activity of normal stem cells to prevent early onset of aging.
My research goal is to elucidate mechanisms underlying the regulation of telomerase activity in cancer cells and normal stem cells, and to develop novel approaches for therapeutic intervention of human cancer and early onset of aging. Using both yeast and mammalian systems, I will focus on both (1) the regulation of telomerase activity by post-translational modification of telomerase and telomerase-related factors, and (2) the transcriptional regulation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase.

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