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Liu Nan

Associate Professor


Contact: 66016503


A/Prof Liu Nan is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Quantitative Medicine (CQM) and Programme in Health Services and Systems Research (HSSR), Duke-NUS Medical School. He is also a faculty member at NUS Institute of Data Science, and a graduate faculty member at Duke University, USA. Clinically, Dr Liu is affiliated with SingHealth.

A/Prof Liu is actively working on AI, machine learning, and data science with their applications in various clinical domains. He is also interested in technology translation and commercialization. He co-founded TIIM Healthcare Pte Ltd and serves as its Scientific Advisor. His research has been funded by the National Medical Research Council (NMRC), National Research Foundation (NRF), National Health Innovation Centre (NHIC), Ministry of Education (MOE), AI Singapore, Duke-NUS Medical School, and SingHealth Foundation, as well as industrial partners such as Continental AG.

A/Prof Liu serves and has served as Associate Editor/Editorial Board Member for more than 10 international peer-reviewed journals, including npj Digital Medicine, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, and PLOS Digital Health. Additionally, he is a regular reviewer for more than 80 international journals, including The Lancet and Nature Medicine. He also serves on the Program Committees of a number of premium AI and data science conferences such as AAAI, NeurIPS, and AMIA.

Visit his website at Digital Medicine Lab.



Research Interests

Interpretable and Trustworthy Machine Learning

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning and Health Data Science

Electronic Health Records

Medical Image Analysis

Physiological Signal Analysis

Cardiovascular Research

Prehospital and Emergency Care


Research Team


Ning Yilin

Research Fellow



Guo Dagang

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow



Wang Ziwen

Research Fellow



Lee Jin Wee

Senior Research Assistant



Yeung Kar Fu

Senior Research Assistant



Salinelat Teixayavong

Research Assistant



Niu Chenglin

PhD Student



Liu Mingxuan

PhD Student



Yuan Han

PhD Student



Siqi Li

PhD Student




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