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Graves Nicholas


Deputy Director


Contact: 66012462

Prof Graves is the Deputy Director of the Programme in Health Services & Systems Research at Duke-NUS and the SingHealth Duke-NUS Health Services Research Institute. His areas of knowledge include health economics, health services research, decision making and cost-effectiveness. He is interested in projects that show high and low-value care, as well as the processes around implementing new policies.

His major focus is on showing how health services can be improved at low cost, or even improved with cost savings. He enjoys collaborating with clinicians who wish to improve the performance of health services.

Prof Graves has made contributions of international significance, publishing over 250 articles in top-ranking peer reviewed journals such as JAMA, BMJ, AIDS, Health Economics, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Lancet Infectious Diseases, The Journal of Infectious Diseases and Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Research Interest

Prof Graves is currently working on projects about the economic value of innovations in hospital-based services such as programmes to reduce risk of healthcare acquired infections, different approaches to testing cardiology outpatients and alternate treatment approaches for treating complex coronary artery disease. He is leading a qualitative study on why doctors believe non-beneficial treatments happen at the end of life. He is collaborating across all clusters to quantify the economic costs of chronic wounds to Singapore. And there are other projects on screening for paediatric genetic diseases, whether selective termination of resuscitation prehospital is a feasible and cost-effective policy and a project on inappropriate nephrotoxic Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug in Diabetics, Elderly and Renal impairment. He is developing a Graduate Certificate Programme in Health Services Innovation to be launched at Duke-NUS in 2020/21.

Research Team

Asst Prof Elaine Lum

Asst Prof Yoon Sungwon

Asst Prof Cai Yiying

Liu Sibo
Research Associate

Nazeha Nuraini
Research Assistant

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