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Ong Ziying Eugenia

Principal Research Scientist


Eugenia Ong received her PhD in Integrated Biology and Medicine from Duke-NUS Medical School. She completed her postdoctoral training at Experimental Therapeutics Centre, A*STAR where she led pre-clinical studies for a pan-serotype monoclonal antibody (mAb) against dengue virus (DENV), VIS513, developed by Visterra Inc.  

She is currently Principal Research Scientist of the Viral Research and Experimental Medicine Centre @ SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (ViREMiCS), an ISO 15189 compliant laboratory that brings the latest molecular tools to bear for both industry and academia to accelerate translation of new vaccines and therapeutics from pre-clinical development to clinical trials.

My research is focused on the development and validation of molecular tools that objectively measure drug and vaccine safety and efficacy. Applying these molecular tools in various clinical studies provides an evidence-based approach to define molecular endpoints that allow rapid selection of promising vaccine and therapeutic candidates for further clinical development.


1. Molecular correlates for viral infection outcomes

Viral infection leads to a wide spectrum of infection outcomes, ranging from asymptomatic infections to fatal complications like internal bleeding or organ damage. We aim to characterize the host responses associated with poor or good outcomes by assessing the host response over multiple time points.


2. Multi-omic profiling of host response to assess safety and effectiveness of new vaccine and therapeutic candidates

To complement existing clinical trial endpoints for safety and efficacy, we utilize multi-omic profiling of the host response early post-intervention to monitor safety of new drugs and vaccines, as well as to define the molecular determinants of vaccine immunogenicity and pharmacodynamics of antiviral therapeutics.

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*Co-first author