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Shiva Sarraf-Yazdi

Associate Professor


Contact: 65162285

Shiva Sarraf-Yazdi is an Associate Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School and currently serves on an interim basis as Head of the Office of Education and Co-Director of the Academic Medicine Education Institute. She joined the School in 2007 as a faculty member and before her current role, she served as Assistant Dean for Admissions and Associate Dean for Educational Strategies, while holding a joint appointment with the Department of Surgical Oncology at the National Cancer Centre Singapore. Her contributions at Duke-NUS include leading curricular reforms and innovations such as orchestrating the longitudinal C.A.R.E. (Connect, Assimilate, Reflect, Explore) Programme, enhancing the preclinical and clinical curricula, and developing the innovative Duke-NUS hybrid longitudinal integrated clerkship.

Shiva completed her secondary education in Iran, and earned an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering (magna cum laude), followed by an MD from Duke University, where she also completed her general surgery residency (Outstanding Senior Resident and Chief Resident awards in General Surgery), a surgery research fellowship and a fellowship in surgical critical care. She later obtained a Master of Education in Health Professions from Johns Hopkins University, and expects to complete the executive MBA programme at NUS in August 2023. She spent the 2012-13 academic year at Malaysia’s Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (in collaboration with Johns Hopkins) as the founding Director of Clinical Clerkships.

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