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Stuart Cook



Contact: 66012584

Dr Cook grew up in Kenya, went to high school at St Edward’s, Oxford and studied medicine at St Bartholomew’s Medical School, London. He did a PhD at the National Heart and Lung Institute, UK and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard. He trained in cardiology and sub-specialized in cardiac MRI. He is Professor at Imperial College, London and Duke-National University of Singapore (Duke-NUS). He is a cardiologist at the National Heart Centre Singapore where he oversees the clinical MRI service. He is the Director of the National Heart Research Institute Singapore and Program Director of the CVMD program at Duke-NUS. He is co-founder of Enleofen, a biotechnology company developing therapies for the treatment of fibrotic diseases.

His team discovered a critical role for the IL-11 cytokine in fibrosis and inflammation. He is co-founder of Enleofen, a Singaporean biotechnology company developing first-in-class antibody therapeutics for a range of fibro inflammatory diseases of the liver, kidney, heart, lung and bowel. The overarching goal of his research is to understand cardio metabolic disease mechanisms and to translate basic science discoveries to healthcare.

Impact: translation of science for patient benefit

We showed that truncating mutations in the titin gene (TTNtv) are the commonest cause of severe DCM (NEJM, 2012) and of ambulant DCM while unexpectedly prevalent (1%) in the general population (Science Translational Medicine, 2015). We demonstrated haploinsufficiency as the disease mechanism (Science, 2015) and that TTNtv are commonly found in peri-partum cardiomyopathy (NEJM, 2016). We showed TTNtv to be associated with activation of specific signaling pathways and that TTNtv are not silent in the general population (Nature Genetics, 2017). We developed a next generation sequencing assay (JCTR, 2015) that was commercialized by Illumina as the TruSight Cardio Sequencing Kit and highlighted by the British Heart Foundation as one of the Foundation’s research breakthroughs of 2016. The assay, bioinformatics pipeline and rich variant annotations we developed (Genetics in Medicine, 2016; EHJ, 2017) have transitioned in patient care around the world. To disseminate findings further the Group developed automated, web-based variant annotation tools ( ( that are used by researchers and healthcare professionals globally. Recent studies (JACC, 2017, 2018) are beginning to outline how patient stratification based on TTNtv may influence management of DCM.

Impact: commercialisation of research

Research by my Group (2013-2017) identified IL11 as a factor that is critical for cardiovascular fibrosis (Nature, 2017). Several patents have been filed around this innovation and the development of novel biologic agents against IL11. Cook and Schaefer are co-founders of a spinout company Enleofen Bio ( that has licensed these patents and secured funding for anti-fibrotic drug development.

Selected Publications:

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