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Su Chuan Fang Yvonne

Assistant Professor


Dr Su’s research interests at the Laboratory of Virus Evolution are in the evolution and emergence of infectious diseases, particularly influenza viruses. Her research aims to understand the complex interplays of viral genomics, antigenic and genetic evolution, natural selection, population genetics and spatial transmission in driving viral evolution through time. Extensive phylogenetic analyses and NGS methods are used for unraveling evolutionary dynamics and detecting novel viral variants. She also investigates the adaptive mechanisms of inter-species transmission (e.g. from swine to humans) to identify important molecular determinants in viral genomes that may contribute to host-jump events. Her research helps to improve knowledge on the evolutionary drivers of seasonal emergence and global migration patterns of influenza viruses.

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Book (refereed)

Su YCF and Saunders RMK. (2006) Monograph of Pseuduvaria (Annonaceae). Systematic Botany Monographs 79. Ann Arbor, Michigan: The American Society of Plant Taxonomists (204 pages, ISBN-9780912861791).