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Master of International Translational Medicine - Directors' Message

Message from the Directors 

Dear Prospective Students,

Imagine standing in the middle of a long, winding road and turning slowly around while taking precise notes of every detail of your surroundings. Over time, you become an expert like no other when it comes to knowing the nuances of that section of the road.  However, what lies in front of you and behind you is a bit of a mystery.  As the road falls out of your sightline, you realize the limitations of your ability to support the safe and timely journey of any traveler down that road.

Such is the case for scientists in healthcare at this time: We have expertise in our scientific domains, but our awareness of what came before and what needs to happen next is not a typical part of our professional toolbox.

This notion goes to the very heart of the Duke-NUS Master of International Translational Medicine (MITM). The Duke-NUS MITM addresses a critical gap in medical researchers’ formal education: The understanding and capacity to help progress specific, targeted scientific findings (such as laboratory or clinical trials results) toward an ultimate patient-based solution.  This gap exists because of its multidimensional nature, which includes the need to be aware of and understand the key events and requirements necessary to progress research beyond one’s own expertise, as well as the personal and professional competencies to interact with the various stakeholders required to move a solution forward. 

The Duke-NUS MITM is unlike any other Translational Medicine degree offered in the world.  That is because of our international collaborations that are made possible through our partnership with the Eureka Institute for Translational Medicine. 

As an MITM student, you will engage in active learning opportunities with local and international experts in all fields represented along the Translational Medicine continuum.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to be mentored by leading faculty from our Eureka partner programmes. Your network will expand and your influence will rise.  Together, we will make a difference.


Scott Compton, PhD
Professor | MITM Programme Director
Associate Dean for Medical Education
Duke-NUS Medical School

Prof Salvatore Albani

Salvatore Albani, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor | MITM Strategic Director
Director | Translational Immunology Institute | SingHealth
Duke-NUS Medical School