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Neurosciences and Behavioral Disorders

The Signature Research Programme in Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders comprises research groups that investigate molecular, developmental, systems and cognitive neuroscience. The programme is also part of an integrated Neuroscience Research Partnership under the aegis of the Agency for Science and Technology (A*STAR) that seeks to advance neuroscience research nationally. The A*STAR-Duke-NUS Neurosciences Research Partnership has forged a strong link between the Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders programme and the researchers, resources and infrastructure at the nearby Biopolis research campus.

The aim of much of the work in the Programme is translating discoveries in basic science into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the domains of cognitive, developmental, eye and psychiatric disease. In collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Duke-NUS operates a Translational and Clinical Research Flagship Program on the early diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia. Members of the Program also work the close association with the Institute of Mental Health and the National Neuroscience Institute, which provide unique opportunities to study psychiatric and neurological disorders on many different levels.

Curriculum Requirement


Semester 1
Core Course "Molecules to Medicines"
Laboratory Rotation 1
Laboratory Rotation 2
Laboratory Rotation 3

Semester 2 onwards
Compulsory course:
GSN6501 - Neuronal Signaling (summer semester) - 4 credit
GMS6900 - Student Research Seminars (6 semesters)

Elective Courses Listed (To discuss with Advisor):

Thesis & Research





Total 61