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Duke-NUS Medical PhD - Neurosciences and Behavioural Disorders specialty track

The Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders Programme at Duke-NUS is focused on understanding the structure and function of the nervous systems, and the relation of neural mechanisms in model systems to human neurological, psychiatric and ophthalmological disorders. The research interests of the faculty members range from neural development and circuit regulation to brain imaging, perception and behavior.

Collaborating with the clinical faculty at Singapore General Hospital, the National Neuroscience Institute, the Institute of Mental Health and the Singapore Eye Research Centre, the Programme has a strong footing in neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive disorders, developmental disorders and diseases of the neural retina. The ultimate aim of the work carried out by the principal investigators in the Programme is to unravel the secret behind human intelligence and to translate their discoveries into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in brain disorders like autism, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Curriculum Requirement


Semester 1
Core Course "Molecules to Medicines"
Laboratory Rotation 1
Laboratory Rotation 2
Laboratory Rotation 3

Semester 2 onwards
Compulsory course:
MDG5245 - Neuronal Signaling and Mechanisms of Effective Learning - 4 units
GMS6900 - Student Research Seminars (6 semesters)

Elective Courses Listed (To discuss with Advisor):

Thesis & Research





Total 61