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Duke-NUS Student Affairs & Alumni Relations Family

Student Affairs & Alumni Relations

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Dr Suzanne Goh

Dr Suzanne Goh
Associate Dean, Student Affairs


  • Oversees the general wellbeing of the student body and all student non-academic matters in the school

Dr Mara McAdams

Dr Mara McAdams
Associate Dean, Alumni Relations


  • Oversees the outreach and engagement efforts with the student alumni body

Ng Yee Sien Dr Ng Yee Sien

Assistant Dean, Student Professional Development and Support


  • Oversees the career advising curriculum and students’ Individual Development Plans (IDP)
  • College Master Head
  • College Master, Seah Cheng Siang
AR - colour  Dr Attilio Rapisarda

Lead, Student Personal Development and Support


  • Provides MD and PhD students psychological support and counselling to help them reach their academic, personal, and professional goals.
  • Develops and delivers programmes to support student wellbeing and professional development
Dr Shan Koh Bundgaard

Dr Shan Koh Bundgaard
Lead, Student Academic Development


  • Responsible for the remediation of the struggling medical student
  • Develops clinical reasoning skills in medical students at all levels of their training

Jennifer Davis  Jennifer Davis



  • Developed and delivered programmes to enhance student wellbeing as well as professional development and leadership abilities
  • Involved in medical student coaching to enhance effectiveness, performance, resilience and stress management
Peter Low

Peter Low
Senior Manager, Student Affairs


  • Oversees the Student Affairs (SA) staff team and all SA programmes, events/activities, and services.
  • Advises and collaborates with the Student Council, Class Councils, College Representatives and Student Interest Groups on all student life, development and enrichment efforts.
  • Supports the Duke-NUS student wellbeing outreach and engagement efforts.

Muhammad Yusuf Muhammad Yusuf

Senior Executive, Student Affairs


  • Student Support Manager
  • Serves as first point of contact for students who need support and guidance to all available resources in Duke-NUS and/or NUS
  • Supports the Duke-NUS College System
  • Manages the Duke-NUS Student Life webpage and other publicity materials
Photo_Sum Hew Mun  Sum Hew Mun

Senior Executive, Student Events


  • Supports the organisation of all student-related and school-level events
  • Coordinates school merchandise sales, administrative and promotional activities
  • Designs creatives for all student-related and school-level events
Mary Ng

Mary Ng
Student Affairs Officer


  • Student Services Officer
  • Coordinates students’ Class Meetings
  • Manages all student administrative and reimbursements matters
  • Acts as primary liaison for the Student Council and Student Interest Groups (SIG)