CSCB Seminar Series : "The epigenetic connection between Tet1 and Oct4 in cellular reprogramming and differentiation" by Dr. Kian Peng KOH

Start Date & Time: 
Friday, 5 October, 2018 - 14:00
End Date & Time: 
Friday, 5 October, 2018 - 15:00

Meeting Room 7C, Level 7
Duke-NUS Medical School
8 College Road, S169857

Speaker Details: 

Kian Peng KOH, PhD
Associate Professor
Stem Cell Institute Leuven (SCIL)
KU Leuven, Belgium




Global changes in gene expression and DNA methylation orchestrate dynamic changes in developmental potency during cell state transitions in early mammalian development and reprogramming. Here, we show how the interplay between the master pluripotency factor Oct4 and the DNA dioxygenase Tet1 defines stage- and locus-specific interactions between chromatin factors, DNA methylation and gene expression during key developmental cell fate changes.


Dr. Koh obtained a PhD in Pharmacology from Yale University in 2004. Among the first returning A-STAR National Science scholars, he gained experience in drug discovery as Scientist at S*BIO Ptd Ltd in Singapore. He returned to the United States in 2007 for a postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Anjana Rao at Harvard Medical School. In 2011, he joined the Stem Cell Institute Leuven in Belgium and is now Associate Professor with a research programme in Stem Cell and Developmental Epigenetics



ONG Sin Tiong , MA, MBBCh, MRCP (UK), ABIM
Associate Professor
Programme in Cancer & Stem Cell Biology
Duke-NUS Medical School

Contact Person: 

Lilian Poon (Tel : 6601 3779)