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Duke-NUS Medical School is delighted to celebrate the graduating Class of 2021 on 29 May 2021. The Class of 2021 comprises of the School’s 11th cohort of MD and 6th cohort of MD-PhD and PhD students.


29 May 2021 (Saturday)
 4:30PM - 6PM





Hasan Abbas
An Jingzhi
Ang Yukai
Chang Huan Ying
Chen Guanglin
Chen Yihui
Kunihiko Chen
Cheng Shi Hui
Cher Boon Meng
Nella Chua Qi Yu
Julia Chuang
Mark Goh Sen Liang
Gerard Michael Heng Yi Tong
Huang Weihao Caleb
Huang Xiongzheng, Benjamin
Sun Joon Hwang
Keong Si Ying, Julienne
Panyachote Ketyungyoenwong
Koh Ling En
Lau Chin Cheung
Lau Kin Mun
Li Bicong
Lim Xin Ya
Low Wan Li
Low Zhen Luan
Alon Ramos Mendez
Stanislaw Mitew
Onittah Lola Nair
Neo Theng Hong
Ong Junyu
Ong Lay See
Ong Shao En, Adriel
Ong Shuyi, Andrea
Nwe Nwe Linn Oo
Felicia Danielle Rustandy
Seng Jun Jie, Benjamin
Emily Soh Ming Li
Sharon Hanna Sunny
Tan Hui Cheng, Candy
Tan Ruiling, Cherylin
Indora Tanudin
Shaun Tay Li Jian
Teo Kah Hui, Brian
Sasinthiran S/O Thiagarajan
Tu Wen Hui
Wee Poh Hui
Wong Lai Yin, Rachel
Wong Xiang Yi
Woo Ting Zhen, Cheryl
Yeam Cheng Teng
Yee Xianyang, Sherman
Zhang Danquan
Zhang Zezhou
Zhao Zhengzheng


Goh Xue Qin, Geraldine
Tan Ter Yong


Sonia Pankaj Chothani
Guan Peiyong
Khoo Tze Ting, Audrey
Liu Mo
Tang Jingyi
Teo Cui Rong




Chang Huan Ying
  • SingHealth Top Student Gold Medal 
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: Step 2CK
  • Singapore Medical Association  - Lee Foundation Achievement Prize  (Exit Exam)
  • SingHealth Prize in Paediatrics

Emily Soh Ming Li
  • NUSS Medal for Outstanding Achievement 
  • College of Family Physicians Singapore Prize in Family Medicine
  • Duke-NUS Humanism Award

Zhang Zezhou
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: Step 1

Ong Shao En, Adriel
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: CPX-2

Yeam Cheng Teng
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: Clinical Science Research

Kunihiko Chen
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: Basic Science Research

Wong Lai Yin, Rachel
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: Translational Science Research

Julia Chuang
  • SingHealth Seah Cheng Siang Gold Medal in Medicine
  • SingHealth Prize in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Keong Si Ying, Julienne
  • SingHealth David Sabiston Gold Medal in Surgery

Ong Shuyi, Andrea
  • SingHealth Prize in Family Medicine

Low Zhen Luan
  • SingHealth Prize in Neurology

Alon Ramos Mendez
  • Institute of Mental Health Prize in Psychiatry
  • Singapore Medical Association—Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award
  • Academy of Medicine, Singapore Medal for Outstanding Leaders

Clara Nwe Nwe Linn Oo
  • College of Physicians Prize in Internal Medicine

Seng Jun Jie, Benjamin
  • Singapore Medical Association—Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award

Ong Junyu
  • Singapore Medical Association—Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award

Mark Goh Sen Liang
  • Singapore Medical Association—Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award

Onittah Lola Nair
  • Singapore Medical Association—Lee Foundation Teamsmanship Award

Goh Xue Qin, Geraldine
  • Duke-NUS Achievement Prize: Outstanding PhD or MD/PhD Student




Although the road ahead may seem daunting, remember that you are not alone in this journey. Continue to be brave, be inspirational and more importantly, be kind to others and to yourself.

Indora Tanudin, MD Graduate, Class of 2021

The unique translational research infrastructure together with the different interdisciplinary expertise existing under one roof was definitely one of the main reasons why I chose to study in Duke-NUS. I started my PhD with the dream of advancing human disease research a step forward and was extremely elated to see our work highlighted in one of the two publications in Cardiac fibrosis research: Two steps forward (Nature Reviews Cardiology).

Sonia Chothani, PhD Graduate, Class of 2021
I am most grateful for the tight-knit community at Duke-NUS where the seniors and alumni really looked out for us in the wards. The diverse student community at Duke-NUS also provided me with the opportunity to engage with people from different countries and undergraduate degrees, thus helping me view things from a different perspective.

Lim Xin Ya, MD Graduate, Class of 2021

Duke-NUS is a great place to learn - from peers, from mentors and even from ourselves. With a well-calibrated student-centered environment, Duke-NUS is definitely the ideal school to do research. Here is also where I made friends, gained knowledge, and fulfilled my dream.

Guan Peiyong, PhD Graduate, Class of 2021




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