White Coat Ceremony - Class of 2025 White Coat Ceremony - Class of 2025 (mobile)

Meet Duke-NUS Medical School's 15th Cohort


The Duke-NUS White Coat Ceremony is a celebration of our students’ official entry into the medical profession. This entry is symbolised by the donning of the white coat and the recital of the Hippocratic Oath, in which the students pledge their commitments to the core values of the profession.

Our 15th cohort includes individuals from diverse professional and academic backgrounds. Read more.

18 September 2021 (Saturday)


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Class Profile


Academic Background


  • 44 Science
  • 10 Engineering
  • 6 Arts
  • 12 Business and Others


    Highest Qualification





  • 3 Singapore PR
  • 16 International
  • 53 Singaporean
  • Hear from our Students



    Jedidiah Ng, Class of 2025

    Class of 2025

    I’ve come to realise how something like a tight muscle can affect an individual’s day, and having a greater understanding of what I was experiencing brought better peace to myself. Hopefully I will be able to bring this knowledge forward to my patients in the future.

    S Punitha, Class of 2025

    Class of 2025

    Be it the healthcare professionals who go all the way for their patients, or my family who are giving their all in supporting me during the pandemic and my studies, each individual who I meet inspired me in their own unique way and pushed me to be the best that I can be.

    Eleanor Chai, Class of 2025

    Class of 2025

    There was an article I read about someone who graduated from medical school in his 30s. And it was inspirational for me because it was a reminder that it’s better late than never.

    Jeremy Pang, Class of 2025

    Class of 2025

    Doctors might not actually be able to delay or change a patient’s outcome. But what was inspirational is that they get to really journey with their patients and help their quality of life and ensure that they are with the ones they love.
    Vivek Murali, Class of 2025

    Class of 2025

    For most people, superheroes fly around in their capes saving the world. When I was younger, my heroes wore white coats.