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Duke-NUS Celebrates Healthcare Simulation Week

Duke-NUS Medical School’s Clinical Performance Centre for the first time joins the global Healthcare Simulation Week, held from 14 to 20 September 2020. At Duke-NUS, healthcare simulation is one of many ways students hone their clinical skills to become competent clinicians.

The annual Healthcare Simulation Week aims to increase awareness among the public of the importance of simulation in healthcare. Healthcare simulation is a learning tool that allows people to experience a realistic healthcare event in a life-like setting. It is used by academic institutions and healthcare centres to teach new skills, refresh old ones and improve the delivery of safe and effective patient care. During the current pandemic, healthcare simulation has been crucial in training students who were no longer able to practice their clinical skills on the wards and in clinics.

This year’s theme is “Simulation: How do you ‘Bring Learning to Life’” and more than 430 centres around the world are marking the week with a range of events and activities. Duke-NUS’ Clinical Performance Centre has planned activities that will enable the Duke-NUS community to celebrate within the limitations imposed by current COVID-19 safety measures for on-campus activities.


14 September

Simulated Patient Programme virtual ‘thank you’ session

15 and 18 September

Simulation teaching activities for Duke-NUS students

16 September

Announcement of the winner and new name of the Clinical Performance Centre’s manikin – a key tool in healthcare simulation

Sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, Healthcare Simulation Week, now in its fourth year, has grown from a grassroots effort into the single largest week dedicated solely to celebrating healthcare simulation professionals.

For more details on Duke-NUS’ participation in Healthcare Simulation Week, follow @dukenus on Instagram and Twitter. Further updates on Healthcare Simulation Week worldwide are available on the Society for Simulation in Healthcare website and through following @HcSimWeek, and #HcSimWeek20 on social media.