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Master Academic Clinicians 2022

Eight exceptional clinicians were inducted on Friday, 25 February 2022, into Duke-NUS Medical School’s prestigious Hall of Master Academic Clinicians—the School’s highest recognition for outstanding clinical faculty—at a hybrid event held at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium at the Academia on the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) campus. 30 senior clinical faculty members were also appointed or promoted to the ranks of associate or full professor. 


Words of Wisdom from our Master Academic Clinicians

Master Academic Clinicians 2022


Cheng Wai Sam, Christopher s

Clinical Professor Cheng Wai Sam, Christopher

(Surgery Academic Clinical Programme) 

"Clinical Professor Cheng is a prominent and well-respected Urologist who enjoys strong professional standing in the Singapore and international medical communities. A fervent advocate of patient safety and quality care, he works tirelessly to ensure patients receive the highest standard of care. He is a firm believer in leveraging on technology advances and medical innovation to transform the delivery of healthcare to better meet patients’ needs."

Clinical Associate Professor Tan Hiang Khoon (Academic Chair, Surgery Academic Clinical Programme)

Ding Zee Pin s

Associate Professor Ding Zee Pin

(Cardiovascular Sciences Academic Clinical Programme)

"Associate Professor Ding believes in nurturing the next generation through proper guidance with her vast experience in clinical medicine. She spent considerable of time and effort in teaching and mentoring our future doctors. She is truly a dedicated clinician, teacher and has contributed enormously to the field of academic medicine in Singapore, serving as an inspiration to many generations of doctors and allied health." 

Clinical Professor Chua Siang Jin Terrance (Academic Chair, Cardiovascular Sciences Academic Clinical Programme)

Goh Bee Tin s

Clinical Associate Professor Goh Bee Tin

(Oral Health Academic Clinical Programme)

“As a clinician leader, scientist, innovator and educator, CIinical Associate Professor Goh exemplifies not only excellence in her work as a clinician but helps improve the practice of dentistry in every aspect of her work. She was pivotal in the development and successful launch of the National Dental Research Institute Singapore (NDRIS), which is the only national institute in the Asia-Pacific region to focus on oral health research.”

Clinical Associate Professor Poon Choy Yoke (Academic Chair, Oral Health Academic Clinical Programme)

Ho Lai Yun s

Professor Ho Lai Yun

(Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme)

"Professor Ho is eminently recognised as a master clinician in the medical community who has held key positions in various academic organisations, and groomed generations of neonatologists and paediatricians. Through his long, illustrious career, he has shaped Singapore’s early childhood development landscape and contributed significantly to healthcare policies, medical education, child advocacy, and community." 

Clinical Associate Professor Chan Yoke Hwee (Academic Chair, Paediatrics Sciences Academic Clinical Programme)

Phua Kong Boo s

Clinical Professor Phua Kong Boo

(Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme)

“Clinical Professor Phua is a true role model of an exemplary clinician with outstanding contributions to medical research, education and the community. He is a well sought-after speaker for topics in gastroenterology and Hepatology, such as gastroenteritis, obstructive jaundice and biliary atresia. His sharing at the Initiative for Vaccine Research's Global Vaccine Research Forum by the World Health Organization was instrumental in expediting the availability of a rotavirus vaccine to millions of children today.”

Clinical Associate Professor Chan Yoke Hwee (Academic Chair, Paediatrics Academic Clinical Programme)

Tan Bien Soo s

Clinical Professor Tan Bien Soo

(Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme)

"Clinical Professor Tan has great foresight and has the ability to see ahead of the curve. He is a key opinion leader and is well respected nationally and around the world. He is very passionate and committed to providing the best care to patients. He has introduced many patient safety and quality improvement initiatives, standardised workflows and protocols, placed heavy emphasis on clinical patient care and audit as well as on education and research."

Clinical Associate Professor Tan Gee Seng Andrew (Academic Chair, Radiological Sciences Academic Clinical Programme)

Tan Ngiap Chuan s

Clinical Associate Professor Tan Ngiap Chuan

(Family Medicine Academic Clinical Programme)

"Clinical Associate Professor Tan has indeed single-handedly sown the seed for Family Medicine research from the early years and nurtured its progressive development, both in scale, capacity and capability. He is always on the lookout to identify aspiring medical students and junior doctors as future family physicians and is especially passionate to nurture them to be future generation of family physicians who are not only competent clinicians but also excel in research and innovations."

Clinical Assistant Professor Ee Guan Liang Adrian (Inaugural Academic Chair, Family Medicine Academic Clinical Programme)

Julian Thumboo s

Professor Julian Thumboo

(Medicine Academic Clinical Programme)

"Professor Thumboo had served on several national committees and had helmed various leadership positions. He has brought together the SGH research community to strategically identify research peaks and enablers which would help the institution achieve an envisioned future for research. He is passionate about teaching and regards it as a personal mission to impart not only knowledge but the need to instill compassion, commitment, integrity and a passion to learn."

Associate Professor Loo Chian Min (Academic Chair, Medicine Academic Clinical Programme)